Russell Tribunal on Palestine New York

In early October 2012, I attended the fourth, New York session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. Once again Michael Mansfield sat on the international jury, which included Angela Davis, Roger Waters, Alice Walker and Judge John Duggard.

They heard witnesses who were experts in the complicity of the USA and UN in violations of international law by the Israeli state.

Three jurors presented their findings to the UN Committee on the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People.










Read their important judgment at:


We had some fun too! On the Highline, in Central Park, MOMA, The Frick, Carmina Burana at Carnegie Hall and the fantastic Lee Ritneur at the Blue Note Jazz club.


Later that month, we went to the Peace Palace in The Hague (27 Oct – 29th) where a previously ignored group of families instituted a Tribunal – this time on the massacres in Iran between 1981 and 1988. Following the Shah's brutal regime, the Islamic Republic of Iran borrowed its methods and prisons, torturing & murdering thousands of political, religious and ethnic minority prisoners. The testimonies of physical & psychological torture heard by a panel of international judges (including Michael) were truly horrific. Those that survived are courageous, tolerant and inspiring.

The judgment is online at: Iran Tribunal - closing statement at The Hague

The Guardian: Khomeini regime committed gross human rights abuses, finds tribunal -


In November we travelled to Liverpool for a moving meeting with the Hillsborough families, who Michael and a team of lawyers are representing. Brutality, lies and cover up are not only the province of those across the sea…

Hillsborough shows why we need a permanent truth commission ...