A list of Yvette Vanson's films and projects

All films produced/directed by Yvette Vanson unless otherwise stated

2000 The Murder of Stephen Lawrence
Bafta award winner Best Drama Written & directed by Paul Greengrass for Granada TV. YV - Executive Producer.
1998 Doomwatch
A television film directed by Roy Battersby and written by highly acclaimed science fiction writer, Ian McDonald. Produced with Channel 5. YV - Executive Producer
1998 Hoping for a Miracle
C4 - Follow up to the Stephen Lawrence Story documentary. YV - Executive Producer. Producer Peter Lee Wright
A documentary for C4 - Exploring the brutal killing of a young black man by a gang of white, racist thugs. YV - Executive Producer. Producer Peter Lee Wright.
1996 Cock o' the North
Granada Television - A film about Barrie Rutter's award-winning theatre company, Northern Broadsides; an exploration of its work and the driving force behind it. YV - Director. Producer Ishia Bennison
1995 Violence and the Censors
C4 Special - Murderers, movie makers, parents and victims are among those who comment on cinema's ability to corrupt. YV - Producer. Director Peter Lee Wright
1994 Making Advances
BBC - a 5 part series on sexual harassment at work, presented by Emma Freud with drama inserts. Winner of the Royal Television Society's Adult Education and Training Award.
1994 Taken for Granted
BBC - an Education Special about government cutbacks in grants and subsequent student hardship.
1994 Too Young to Care
BBC First Sight - about the children who are left alone to care for an elderly, sick or disabled relative.
1994 Breaking the Mold
BBC Wales - a film about the financial crisis at Theatr Clwyd, Mold.
1994 There's a Pig in my Pasta
Compassion in World Farming - a comedy/drama documentary about animal welfare. Music Antonio Forcione
1993 Devour the Earth
The Vegetarian Society - on the environmental consequences of meat and fish production.
1993 Eye Openers
RNIB - 3 training programmes for those working with multiply disabled people.
1993 Two Boys from Bangkok
Central TV - Comparing the life of a Buddhist novice monk with that of a street kid in Bangkok.
1993 Law Matters
Granada - 12 part series on legal issues presented by Michael Mansfield QC.
1993 Salaam Butetown
BBC Wales - a portrait of the Somali Community in Cardiff.
1992 How Low Can You Go?
C4 - an investigation into low pay in Britain presented by Geordie comedian, Mike Elliott.
1991 Presumed Guilty
BBC Inside Story - with Michael Mansfield QC. A critique of the British Legal System.
1991 The Battle for Orgreave - The Sequel
C4 - An update on the outcome for the miners who were dubbed 'rioters' in the 1984 strike.
1991 Black Diamonds
BBC Wales - about the people of Aberfan's artistic response to bereavement. YV - Producer.
1990 The Birmingham Wives
BBC Everyman - A unique insight into the campaign to release the Birmingham Six, by their wives and daughters.
1990 One Day at a Time
Promotional video for National Children's Home - PR Weekly Best Video Award.
1990 Key to the Future and Key to My Future
The Spastics Society now Scope.
1989 Stiching up the NHS
C4 - A warning of the price to be paid by the nation's health for following the privatisation route.
1989 Food WIthout Fear
The Vegetarian Society - Bronze Medal, New York Film Festival.
1989 SOS - NHS
British Medical Association.
1989 Understanding Disabilities
Understanding Disabilities Educational Trust - 4 Programmes which form part of a 13 week course for use in primary schools nation-wide.
1989 The BCCI Connection
C4 - Bandung File - controversial documentary about money laundering and the bank that collapsed.
1988 Kentucky Fried Medicine
C4 - 2 x 60' documentaries and a 90' studio debate on the NHS and USA health provision.
1988 Stand Up the Real Glyn Vernon
The Spastics Society - winner of IVCA Award of Excellence, ITVA Golden Reel Award, Gold Medal, New York Film Festival.
1987 Rat Race
C4 - Bandung File - drama/documentary on racism awareness training.
1986 Councils for the Defence
Lambeth Joint Trade Unions.
1986 Years Ahead
C4 - directed inserts for a weekday magazine programme for the elderly.
1985 The Battle for Orgreave
C4 - examining the role of the police and courts during the miners' strike.
1984 Advocacy
BBC - A BBC series of studio debates presented by Michael Mansfield QC dealing with controversial, topical issues.
1984 Taking Liberties
BBC - an expose of the destruction of civil liberties in the miners' strike.
1983 Social Services Media Unit (ESCATA)
Making training videos for social services staff nationally and internationally:
1983 Too Late for Jimmy?
Drama/documentary on child care
1982 Handling Aggression and Conflict
Drama on aggression in adolescents ITVA Award of Merit
1982 Over the Hill and Far Away
Video/pack on senile dementia. Many other programmes covering mental illness and handicap, intermediate treatment, fostering, adoption, management and supervisory skills etc. YV - Producer/director and manager. Set up international distribution network.
1980 Trade Union Research & Education Group, Ruskin College, Oxford
YV - Producer/Director of videos for Trades Unions - concentrating on development issues
1979 Cartoon Series on Economics
For Undergraduates.