"There's Impressive acting on display in this tautly scripted drama. Trevor Eve gives an excellent, low-key performance. It's a highly engrossing tale, deftly interweaving a credible scientific context with a tense conspiracy theory plot."


Time Out



"A feature-length, sci-fi conspiracy theory/cover-up X-Files type thing which ends up being an enjoyable way of spending a Monday night. The conspiracy theory stuff is very compellingly developed and the whole thing has lots of atmosphere effectively ladled on by director Roy Battersby. A lot better than some of the stilted Brit sci-fi efforts we've seen in recent years - Channel 5 should spin a series out of this if it can."


Heat Magazine



"Cult classic, revived and relived. Splendid science fiction."


TV Times



"Shot through with foreboding and paranoia, this is an enjoyably grim suspense drama."


Radio Times


"This ingenious thriller brings the 70s series smack up to date. A treat. Trevor Eve turns in a nimble performance and the combination of a tight script and a solid supporting cast makes for a healthy alternative to the next Inspector Wexford omnibus."


The Guardian



"Now, in the wake of the paranoia that such shows as the X Files have created, Channel 5 have quite rightly thought that now is the time to resurrect the format. SF novelist Ian MacDonald and veteran screenplay writer John Howlett join forces for the pilot movie Winter Angel. Great to see that us Brits can still scare the pants off the rest of the world when we put our minds to it!"


Upfront Magazine



"A convoluted story that's atmospheric, curiously gripping and entertaining - those computer software tricks are particularly appealing."


Daily Telegraph



"This was rivetingly suspenseful, tensely scripted stuff, atmospherically directed and with superbly understated charismatic performances - a series is mandatory."


The Birmingham Post



"Even if it appealed only to the Web-heads, Doomwatch would bear a full trial run. Slick, modern and shallow, it tapped into a high nervousness on the cusp of 2000."


The Express



"Channel 5 producing enjoyable feature-length dramas? Surely the end of the world is at hand."


The Independent