The Home Lawyer

The Essential Guide to Lawyers & the Law

By Michael Mansfield QC
Edited by Yvette Vanson

This is a unique, authoritative and straightforward guide to finding the right legal advice with accessible précis of the law by Britain’s most influential human rights lawyer.

Whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, your life is never far from the law. Whether you’re buying a house, getting married, negotiating a contract, seeking personal compensation, involved in an inquest or facing legal proceedings, you have the right to use the law and access reliable legal advice. The Home Lawyer helps you identify your legal position and explains everything that you may need to know about how to proceed.

It tells you where and how to find the best legal advice, how to deal with your circumstances without recourse to the law, how to set about choosing the right lawyer for you and your family and how much it will cost. The book covers all the main areas of the law – from family, health, employment and housing issues to libel, disability, consumer advice, intellectual property, civil liberty and human rights, immigration, imprisonment, discrimination and welfare. Clear and accessible, The Home Lawyer is an indispensable guide for you and your family.

Many chapters of the book were written by Mansfield's barrister colleagues.


Trade paperback
ISBN 1 84354 200 5
234 x 156mm
Territories: World
Rights: US/TN/SL