Yvette Vanson was for 20 years an independent producer/director of  award winning documentaries. In 2000 she won a Bafta forThe Murder of Stephen Lawrence film. She first picked up a paintbrush in 2004, attending Putney School of Art & Design. Since 2013 Yvette has had five successful UK exhibitions, motivated by a strong political commitment to tackling injustice, by exposing inequality and exploitation through her work.



2109 Yvette is currently writing her Memoirs of a Radical Woman




Paintings of stunning habitats, endangered species and communities are testimony to nature's extraordinary resilience despite the devastation wrought by human recklessness.

Saving our planet needs action for change. This exhibition is one small attempt to do just that.

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COLLATERAL DAMAGE – Children in War  

19 January - 6 February 2016

Putney School of Art & Design

London SW15 2LQ

Yvette’s last exhibition was an uncompromising and challenging expose of the destruction borne by children in war - in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, DR Congo, warring factions and imperial forces wreak havoc on civilians caught up in territorial, economic and ideological conflicts. With a humanitarian crisis of momentous proportions, Yvette asks: “Will we stand idly by or be moved to compassionate action?”

Visitor Comments: 

"Profound, unutterably moving subject matter treated with masterly control"
"Haunting...those eyes. Thought provoking and memorable"  

"Beautiful and expressive images"

"A visual conscience"

"A call to action"


Other exhibitions include:



Yvette was also an Honorary Research Fellow/Artist in Residence at BIRKBECK, University of London in 2013. An exhibition of her work - Breaking the Barriers to Freedom - was held in the Peltz Gallery, Gordon Square in November. 

"Very striking images, I was walking past and they drew me in"           

"Wonderful vibrant colours and touching portraits"

"Powerful. Very emotionally stimulating and thought provoking"

"These canvases speak a thousand words. Thanks for giving your subjects a voice"


Yvette’s first London exhibition FACING THREAT at MAESTRO ARTS in February - April 2013 drew on her experiences from a trip to Tar Sands, Alberta in Canada.

"The desecration of the ancient boreal forest, lands of the Cree First Nations, is catastrophic. The pollution of ancient hunting grounds and rivers is driven by the grotesque search for profits from dirty oil. The Cree’s legal and political fight to reclaim and develop their threatened lands, along with many indigenous people throughout the world, is the subject of my work”.


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Yvette was an Honorary Research Fellow/Artist in Residence at BIRKBECK, University of London, Law School in the Autumn Term of 2013. It culminated in an exhibition of her work in the PELTZ Gallery

21 November to 2 December